Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tearing down the barn

Recently Doug and I tore down our old barn and adjoining shed. It was old, rotted and going South. We needed to clear the site for a new pole barn we will build in the spring. the shed was a real pain, layers and layers of strange stuff was nailed to the walls for insulation. We had to strip all the walls and pull hundreds of nails. Inside the walls there were squirrel nests.

When it was stripped, Doug tied a rope to one of the supporting polse, hitched it to the truck and pulled it down.

the barn was another story! After we stripped the plywood walls from the stucture it decided to come down on it's own. The walls were what was holding it together. I heard a creaking noise, and it started to sway. Doug was still inside with his crowbar and I shouted at him to get out! Down it came, and he only had seconds to spare to jump out of the way. After we dismantled the roof, I found an owl's nest in the rafters. There was actually a smaller nest inside that built by an opportunistic smaler bird. I felt bad for the animals that called the old structures home, but they were dangerous and had to come down. One of my littl fairies decided the owl's nest looked like a great nest for herself and made herself right at home!