Friday, December 07, 2007

Play Day!

When I find myself in a slump I likce to create art dolls just for fun. I use a simple body shape so I am freed from design issues to experiment and play. These have a basic triangular bodys with seperate arms. A surface design is created on the fabric with free motion embroidery. Faces can be stamped or drawn, or use an art doll clay mask. Allowing yourself to play can really unlock your creative muse.


Kai said...

I like to do art dolls, too. When my muse is being obstinate, making something FUN beats the daylights out of EATING, my OLD way of dealing with it! Your art dolls are terrific!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Looks like your muse has a toe in still with you. These are beautiful

Maggie R said...

These dolls are sweet, they make me smile. I classify myself as a fibre artist but I too make dolls. Mainly beaded ones now, but who knows where my muse will take me next!! I like to do something just for fun too, while I am thinking up my next plan.I am into needle felting at the moment, and I tried a felted face just for fun. I might post it , maybe I will try another one first!!!!
in cold,snowy,southern ontario, Canada

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