Monday, March 24, 2008

Jester Tyme

Our doll club Reining Dolls and Bears has a bag of fabrics and goodies that is donted by a member for each meeting. We draw names to see who will take it home with the challenge of creating a doll from the contents. Last time I won and so Jester Tyme came into being. There was also a little plastic scarecrow in the bag that did not make the cut so was not used, as Jester Tyme took her own direction as our dolls often do.

since I got caught holding the bag last time, I am to bring the bag of fabrics to the next meeting for the next lucky recepient whose name will be drawn. the little scarecrow thingy went back into the bag. lol

Annies Kittens

In the fall of 2007 a stray female tabby came in through the cat door. She was emancipated and obviously starving. I fed her and she eventually adopted us and thrived. We named her Annie after the character in Little Orphan Annie. Annie repaid our kindness by becoming pregnant thus solving the question whether or not she had been spayed. lol

I have two adult female spayed cats and have not had the experience of kittens in about 15 years, so I decided to document them here in my blog.