Saturday, January 21, 2012

Susie O Stash!

Recently jean Peters from the Stitchin Times Doll Club in Eugene, Oregon came into possession of the bulk of Susana Oroyan's odds and ends stash to distribute to her club and charity. She was so kind as to send me a box of some of Susie's stash from her studio which included a doll! And a couple of clay masks too! I will probably hoard the items, but may make a tribut doll with some of the fabrics and trims someday.

Roxie and her Sock Monkey

This is a doll I made for Dollstreet Morgue Challenge. We were to make a doll from our body parts we had on hand, reject heads, legs, arms, etc from other projects. The head and body I had from prototypes for a commissioned doll. I found a pair of arms, and very skinny legs which I added some paperclay to for bulk. Yeprz, she does indeed have a very large head!

Katie the Kiter

This is a whimsical little doll t hat I made from my Imperess pattern. Actually the head and body were from some of the prototype pieces I made.  I created this coll for a kiting event in January, there is a dinner and raffle after the indoor fly. Sadly, we were snowed in and could not attend. Well, she will visit with me until next year.

Maori Warrior

This is a doll that I created for the Male Doll Challenge on FOCD. The piece is titled Maori Warrior. He wears traditional costume and accessories, and is positioned in a stance depicting the Haka (war dance) of the Maori People. the extended tongue is part of the Haka. He also has traditional tattoos.