Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Penny Drinkard

Penny Drinkard is a commissioned piece I made recently. the customer wanted a doll that she can travel with and promote a teen age image that embodies healthy living, good choices, with somewhat imperfect features. A Barbie doll type she did not want! She sent me a collage she made of Penny, and I must say I was very challenged by the thought of even attempting to put this into a 3-dimensional figure.
She wanted Penny to have a small but athletic body, very oversized head, one eye larger than the other with rose petal shaped iris. I must say I had a very hard time making they eyes asymetrical, it was so against my my artistic values when doing faces!
Penny was to have red capris, black and white tennies, and turquoise top. Also she wanted  her to have red hair, a hat, and holding a cat.
So this is what I came up with, and never have I had a customer so pleased with a commissioned piece.
This was a bit out of my box, and not the type of doll I generally make, but she was fun, I must admit, to bring to life!
I attached the collage the customer made and then the finished Penny drinkard doll.