Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aquanita is an 18" mixed media piece. She has a full body armature an perches on her driftwood throne, holding a shell with pearls. aquanita is my Hoffman 2013 entry, and she won 2nd place!

CRAZY CAT LADY STARTER KIT is my Hoffman Challenge 2014 entry. She is a bit of a departure for me, and may not be a judge-pleasing entry, but I really created her for myself this time, and she proved to be fun and challenging! She has a full body armature, a dollskin fabric skin over needle sculpted head to create the wrinkles and creases in her face.
She holds her Starter Kit of 3 little kittens, a bag of catnip and cat magazines. the Hoffman fabric is in her apron and her hat.
the size limit for the challenge is 20", and she is a 20" doll but appeared to grow after she was completed, costume and all, she measured 22". so I had to cut her legs off at the top and re-sew them to the torso. I also used a steam iron to compress the stuffing in the top of her head. End result, exactly 20"!
She was created from my Gayheart the Gardening Granny pattern.