Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lorna Mae, a doll club project

This is Lorna Mae and she is a project for our doll club, Reining Dolls and Bears where we are to create and Izannah Walker inspired Early American style doll.

I used Sherry Lutz's techniques from the Fall 1998 issue of the now defunct cloth Doll Magazine. I really miss that magazine, it was the one that featured my very first design and cover doll, Dixie Belle.

This doll has a clay sculpt mask over cloth , and cloth skin added which is hardened with modeling paste. It is then painted with acrylics. I used the modeling paste for her applied hair as well. I aged the face a bit and sealed head hands and legs with gel medium, with a final brown paper bag buff.

I am thinking that her head is too round and hands need to be reduced, so this first attempt is just learning some of the techniques.