Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Semperviren, New Workshop

This is Semperviren, which means everlasting. She is the gaurdian of the forest. Semperviren is eternal: she has always been with us and always will.
This is a new workshop class that is available for hands on teaching, available as of July,2011.
This multi-technical and mixed media piece uses a variety of techniques including creating a full body armature, drip-wash painting, free-form ink drawing on a stuffed body, creating a clay mask, and more!

A body is sewn from a template.

                                            Full body armature is created for attaching doll to base.

                                              Special painting techniques are applied to stuffed body

                            Designs are drawn onto the body with ink, incorporating the drip wash into the designs.
                                                   Partially drawn design onto the doll's stuffed form

Doll is attached to base, clay mask is created and painted and driftwood is added for interest. Bark, spanish moss, acorns and alder bark are added elements in the finishing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This is Zentanga, created for the Dollstreet Zentangle challenge. I have always loved to doodle, and created many pen and ink abstract designs in the 60's using similar techniques. I prefer to draw free-form designs, but did adapt some of the designs I found on the internet. I first drew the front and back on paper using my Tsunami Butter fly pattern as a template

I then printed it out onto fabric after scanning into my computer, using freezer paper backed muslin.

                                                               Printed on fabric

                                                      Upper body is attached, and body front and back sewn together.

                                                              Finished doll, front view
                                                                  Finished doll, back view

I spent a huge amount of time on this doll, considering I don't love her!!! LOL!  Sure was fun though, and next time I think I will draw my designs directly onto a stuffed form.

                    This is a design I drew in the 60's (Yes, I am OLD!!)  I did many many of these, and this is the only one that survived, and it has some water damage and is only part of the picture.

This is a doll I made using my own drawn designs onto paper, printed onto fabric and then fused with Timtex. She is a flattie I created for Woman challenge sponsored about 7 years ago by Dianne McDonald.
She is one sided, and the designs are of a rather personal nature, and tell a story.

Doing these kind of designs is not new to me, but doing it in a structured manner is. I still prefer to use a free-form style,  which beats to my own drum.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Me^Ladee, Hoffman 2011 Challenge doll

Me^Ladee is my Hoffman 2011 challenge doll. She is a Renasiance era lady, with an ample bosum! To create her "assets, I applied paperclay over a cotton woven cloth body and added an outer skin of a stretch knot fabric. Working with woven cloth is out of my comfort zone, so it was a bit of a challenge for me. She balances on one leg, with a full body armature that extends through the straight leg.
The flowers for her costume were created from long strips of organza, clipped and burned, tthen gathered and drawn together to form the flower. Her hat is lined and coated with Paverpol to create to permanent form. She balances on one leg, the other is bent slightly and she has cooridinated blooms gathered at her ankles. Me^Ladee's features are dwawn with water color pencils and sealed, and her hair is Tibetan wool.

Friday, March 25, 2011

More amulet bags

                                           BEADED ON VELVET, CLAY FACE
                                    BEADED WITH CLAY FACE

Pattern by Elise Peeples

Amulet Bags

I have not updated my blog in ages! So thought I would sahre some of the ittle amulet bags I have made to sell at AFIC conference where I will be teaching2 classes April 29-May2, 2011.