Friday, March 16, 2007

Pin Dolls

I belong to a list caled Pindoll Alley, it is a yahoo group where we swap monthy themed pindolls with a partner. Here are a few of the pindolls I have made.

Wrap dolls

I have been making wrap dolls for a swap on Fabri-holics list. This is a very freeing artistic expression where you are not adhered to the same rules as for a traditional doll. the mermaid has bucco layers and Tyvek fabric tail.

Rain Dance has air dry clay mask and hands and feet.
Each doll has a thin spool in the center and wire body armature is threaded through this. After the armature is in place, it is wrapped with floral tape, then batting is added. Strips of fabric are then glued and other embellishments such as yarn, beads, etc. are added. It is very easy to "erase" the previous layer with new additions! I try to leave a bit of the surface showing on each layer.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Artist Trading Dolls

These ATDs are for sale at

Have been having lots of fun playing with dolls this week. On one of my dollmaking forums we re making ATD's or Artist Trading Dolls. They are flat, a bit like paper dolls with Timtex or cardboard as a base and you cover them with fabric or paper. Then you embellish, accessorize or whatever your creative impulses drives you to do. Little limbs are attached with small scrap booking brads. These are just too much fun! Spring ATD is from a template by Sherry Goshen and the foldy ATD is from a template by Judy Wellnitz.

Trip to Sewing Expo

Last week I went to the Sewing Expo with a couple of friends. We took a charter bus from Fabric Depot, the largest fabric store in Portland. So cool, no driving! There were over 1000 vendors there, cutting edge and new products to see and demo, seminars, fabrics galore and awesome trims. Pamela Armas of Treasures of the Gypsy was there as always, as well as Barbara Willis and Karen Shifton. I did the worst damage of Gypsy booth of course! She has the most exotic fabrics from India, and stunning trims and blings. When you see hr booth, it is like a rainbow came to town.

Got a pic of Pamela in her booth and also a pic of my favorite treasures that I bought. The fabric was $50.00 a yard! the photo just does ot do it justice. A very special doll awaits that fabric.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Joint Meeting in Eugene

After Deanna's Averill class we went to the Joint Meeting luncheon in Eugene which was held the following Wednesday after our class. It was a Raggedy Ann theme and the program was given on the history of Raggedy Ann and Johnny Gruile, her creator. Very informative and interesting! We had sales tables and the highlight of the luncheon (besides the great food) was an awesome display of everything Raggedy Ann, old and new. Some very vintage dolls were displayed .

Deanna Hogans Averill class

On March 5th and 6th there was a class in Eugene, Oregon hosted by the Stitchin Times Doll Club at the Goshen Grange. It was a great class, I learned a lot and really had to disipline myself to make the small eyes like Deanna does. lol! Deanna is a thorough and patient teacher. There were finished dolls in the class which had quite a few beginners, not an easy accomplishment for any teacher! This wqs my first cloth over clay class and I love the technique.

Deanna and I rode down together and stayed at Jean Peter's lovely country home where we were fed, pampered and spoiled with wonderful meals cooked by cook extroidaire Jean herself and gifted with their wonderful hospitality. We even got chucco, a well kept Italian secret. Don't ask! hehehe

the doll in blue and purple is mine and the ones lined up on the table are Deanna's sample dolls.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tearing down the barn

Recently Doug and I tore down our old barn and adjoining shed. It was old, rotted and going South. We needed to clear the site for a new pole barn we will build in the spring. the shed was a real pain, layers and layers of strange stuff was nailed to the walls for insulation. We had to strip all the walls and pull hundreds of nails. Inside the walls there were squirrel nests.

When it was stripped, Doug tied a rope to one of the supporting polse, hitched it to the truck and pulled it down.

the barn was another story! After we stripped the plywood walls from the stucture it decided to come down on it's own. The walls were what was holding it together. I heard a creaking noise, and it started to sway. Doug was still inside with his crowbar and I shouted at him to get out! Down it came, and he only had seconds to spare to jump out of the way. After we dismantled the roof, I found an owl's nest in the rafters. There was actually a smaller nest inside that built by an opportunistic smaler bird. I felt bad for the animals that called the old structures home, but they were dangerous and had to come down. One of my littl fairies decided the owl's nest looked like a great nest for herself and made herself right at home!

More Pincushions!

Last week I was working on making a lot of pincushions. I will be attending the Joint Meeting luncheon in Eugene Wednesday, March 3. All the doll clubs in the city get together for one big party! We will ahve a very small sales space, about 2'X4" so I thought I would bring small items and some patterns to sell. These are from Dollmakers Journey Lady Chatalaine pattern. The one in white was a gift for Susie Oroyan who has been very ill and just returned home from the hospital. The mermaid pincushions are my design. I will be going down to Eugene with Deanna Hogan, and taking her Averill class on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is the luncheon, going to be a fun week!