Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dotee Dolls

Well, I am afraid my Dotee dolls will deviate a bit from the norm. LOL

The first one just grew and grew, being a free-form piece from some home made chenille fabric scraps I found. hey, the body is 6"! Judy said 3" to 6" for the body, and this one is 6" body length. We are not talking about tail here. lol

2nd one is more "traditional" Dotee, or is there such a thing?

somebody out there will like my tribal Dotte thing, I think.........

Or maybe I should just keep the thing and not send it for the swap?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Best Friends Class

In the first week of March I had Mary Catherine from Castle Rock, Washington here for a 3-day workshop. We really had fun in my little studio and this was Mary's first cloth doll. She was a very enthusiastic student and funny to boot! Anyone who can make you laugh is all right in my book!~

Mary was such a quick learner, and she had a nearly completed doll at the end of three days!

Her doll and her 'stuff" stayed here when she went home at night. When I came out into the studio one morning, I saw that her doll had been having too much fun out here with all the other bad influences in here.

Mary's doll is to be a gift for her 84 year old mother, who loves cats. The doll will have her knitting to pass the time, but by her side will be her gardening catalogues as she is dreaming of May 15th, time to plant corn and tend the roses. Hence, this lady's name is Rose Maycorn. (Mom loves to get the corn planted in May and her favorite flowers are her roses). and Mary loves to garden. She has named her doll Rose Maycorn. Don't you just love that name?