Friday, May 11, 2012


Oceanna is my Hoffman Challenge doll for the 2012 season. She is my own interpretation of the fish rider concept. The Hoffman challenge fabric is in the fish tail and fins. 
Oceanna is 18" tall and this year, due to my disqualification last year due to being 2" over the height limit, I carefully measured every element from the design stage to finish! 
Incorporated into the fish's design are appliques of coordinating purple fabric. Tail and fins have armatures and the fish has Paperclay face. The doll body  is hand dyed to suit the color scheme, and has the usual needle sculpted elements, face painting, and articulated hands. She holds a hand dyed shell in her hands. Free motion embroidery cover her legs and arms and hand dyed lace piece for her bodice. She is very firmly attached to the fish and base with several armature techniques and should stay put should she be chosen to travel. There is a chance she will not travel because I used the Hoffman challenge fabric in the fish and not the doll, if they choose to be picky.
The base is applied Apoxy Sculpt over a plastic cone, embellished with micro beads and metallic paints.