Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Nest Weaver

It has been a while since I updated my blog or created a new piece. This is a mixed media piece created with ivy wood, armatures, paper mache, Paperclay, Sculpey and found objects.
 She is called The Nest Weaver
An armature is attached using wire, screen and foil

Paper mache is applied to imply the tree's roots, tiny clay faces are embedded

The face is attached, created with sculpey, and branches are attached at top of head by drilling small holes. Black gesso base coat, and about 5 washes of acrylic paint are applied to integrate the elements.

The nest, woven from grape vines is attached with small amount of Apoxie Sculpt and the owl, created from a pinecone and Sculpey, is attached the same way. Another lighter acrylic wash is applied, then the piece is sealed with acrylic matte finish sealer.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aquanita is an 18" mixed media piece. She has a full body armature an perches on her driftwood throne, holding a shell with pearls. aquanita is my Hoffman 2013 entry, and she won 2nd place!

CRAZY CAT LADY STARTER KIT is my Hoffman Challenge 2014 entry. She is a bit of a departure for me, and may not be a judge-pleasing entry, but I really created her for myself this time, and she proved to be fun and challenging! She has a full body armature, a dollskin fabric skin over needle sculpted head to create the wrinkles and creases in her face.
She holds her Starter Kit of 3 little kittens, a bag of catnip and cat magazines. the Hoffman fabric is in her apron and her hat.
the size limit for the challenge is 20", and she is a 20" doll but appeared to grow after she was completed, costume and all, she measured 22". so I had to cut her legs off at the top and re-sew them to the torso. I also used a steam iron to compress the stuffing in the top of her head. End result, exactly 20"!
She was created from my Gayheart the Gardening Granny pattern.