Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kitchen remodel- Before pictures

Herer are a few pics of our kitchen before we started the remodel.
To see the after pictures, visit my Picturetrail album:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kitchen Remodel-History

After years of living with a fairly primitive kitchen, we are finally on the road to a remodel! Yeah!!
Don't get me wrong, I did have running water, a fridge and range, lol. It's just that my vintage ranch house did not have any modern amenities. And the cabinets were old, old! They had been painted over many times, the latest being my hunter green.

Our house sat on Hiway 30 South of St. Helens and was built in the 50's. Oregon Dept. of Transportation wanted to put a weigh station in where my house sat, so they purchased the propery and offered the houses for free for anyone who was willing to move them.

A man named Bob Harris moved our house. Local knowledge says that he was known for his hairbrained schemes. Bob decided he waanted to move the house to his 5 acres of pristine property in the Goble Hills outside of Rainier, Or.

So he cut the house in half and barged it down the Columbia River to the Port of Longview, wehre he put the halves onto a flat bed trailer.

The houses was then hauled up a tiny one-lane twisty turvy country road . There is was reassembled onto the lot where it stands to this day. Even the fireplace and outside brickwork was reassembled.

You cannot tell that the house was devided except in the hallway, where the hardwood floor meets the wall, it is slightly discolored.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Doll for kite festival

This is a doll I made from deanna Hogan's doll Harvest Moon, featured in this month's doll Crafter and Costuming magazine. I will be at the Windriders Kite Festival at Grey's Harbor this week end, and needed a doll quick to make for the raffle at the awards dinner. She was fun to make, and I especially like the trapunto face and tab joints.

I was in a bit of hurry to get a pic, and too lazy to set of the light studio, so the pic is not that great. I hate setting up all that equipment for just one doll! Wish I had a photography room, as the light studio stuff takes up most of my work space in here.