Wednesday, November 29, 2006

We have had snow this week in Rainier, Oregon. everyone makes a really big deal about it in my neck of the woods as it is not an ordinary occurrence, especially in November!
although I enjoy the peace, tranquility and silent beauty of a snow covered landscape, it does have it's drawbacks. I have been house bound the past week, unable to leave here until it melts. No city snowplows here! Well, its a good excuse to stay inside my studio and create, warmed with a nice cup of hot chocolate. With whipped cream of course!
Here are a few pics of my winter wonderland.


Kathy White said...

Snow is beautiful and it can also be the pits!! I hope your DH has a snowblower....I imagine that, with living in the country, you must have a long driveway out to the road and shovelling out must be a real drag!
I have bookmarked your blog and willl check back regularly. It is delightful and I look forward to more!!

Sherry Goshon said...

Beautiful and brrrrrrr cold...that weather is headed our way to's so pretty before "life" distrubs it..almost the pictures like postcards...

Fran said...

The snow all over is beautiful. It was 26 degree in Las Vegas last night. It's cold here.
Love looking at the snow though.
Love & Hugs

dolphinlady said...

I was snowed in here too in Eatonville. It sure was beautiful! It gave me time to work on a doll for a gift.

Janie said...

I love this place Patti, I have been so frustrated not being able to do everthing! I am working on a book and I just finished it! I am looking for an illustrator!
I love you dolls, they are wonderful. I still have a half- made mermaid! I'll check back once in awhile and see what you are up to! Jane Weir