Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I found this cute little Santa's workshop bench at our local dollar store and I immediately knew there was a little elf waiting to work in it. It is all wood, with wood tools and vise. I touched up the paint and sealed it.

Here is Elfie in progress, then finished. He is from doe suede, and is a 65% version of my Elton the Fairy Finder pattern. Elfie is working overtime to get those dolls out on time for Christmas!


Linda Fleming said...

He's adorable, Patti! Love his work bench, too.

JudiA said...

He really IS adorable... and I would know one of your dolls ANYWHERE. I wish my dollar store had cool stuff like that!


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely enchanting! I wish we HAD a dollar store, LOL.
Judi in Alaska

Shashi Nayagam said...

He is lovely Patti with his tools so adorable. I love your mermaid pins too they are beautiful and it is a great idea

Anonymous said...

Woman, there is no end to your creativity! You just spill them out, each more precious than the last. I always love seeing your work.

Happy holidays!