Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our wine theme meeting in June

Our June meeting of Reining Dolls and Bears was held at Roxanne's house and winery. WRoxanne extended her home and hospitality to all of us, and what a beautiful home and grounds she has! A view from every window in her lovely hisside home overlooking Hillsboro, Oregon. We were wined and dined and got a tour of the winery by her very accomodating hubby Ed. The wine theme dolls and IW dolls were displayed around the large dining room where we were served lunch ala Roxanne. Her upstaris studio is so organized and clutter free, with natural light and ample space to display her dolls.

We also brought our Izannah Walker style dolls that we are working on for a project. Some of us had finished dolls, others brought their DIPs to share.

My wine theme doll pictures did not turn out well as there was a large window lighting the background, and my camera did not like that at all. but Idid get some winery pics, lol, and some of the IW dolls and DIPs.


Karen Mallory said...

Hi Patti! Looks like a wonderful place for a meeting. All the dolls are fabulous!!
hugs Karen

Deanna Hogan said...

Hi Patti,
Sounds like you've been busy with the kiting events. I'd read that you'd completed your Hoffman Challenge Doll. Be sure to zip a photo to me so I can include your doll on my Hoffman pages!



Amandaz Artz and Dollz said...

Hope there is some South African wine in that cellar! LOL
If not....maybe I must send you 3 bottles...one to taste...and two to put in the cellar for prosterity!
So jealous....I wish one day to own a cellar as spectacular as yours...hopefully before I die...my son would love to inherit it....LOL
Kudo's for you and your DH!