Monday, December 15, 2008

Arctic Storm in Shilo Basin

Here in the Shilo Basin, the Portland area and SW Washington we have had an unusual artic storm that brought snow into our area. this part of Oregon and Washington does not get much snow and when it does happen, the media loves to make a huge thing out of it!!

I could not resist taking some pics as it will probably be gone next week and really wanted to capture the beauty of my own front and back yard in the snow.

KWG 8 in Portland was asking for viewer pics to be sent in and the one of Bear in the snow was aired on Saturday. He does not even know he had his 10 seconds of fame!


dingy said...

Looks like a beautiful winter wonderland! We have snow but not that much and it is very crusty and hard.

Judi W. said...

Great photos! Love the coat that Bear has!

Heera said...

Happy New Year Patti.


PS: I love your Gypsy doll.

Unknown said...

Hi Patti,
It looks beautiful, you live in a gorgeous area, looks like Bear is enjoying it.

Cheers, Michelle

Anonymous said...

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