Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ginger is my newest project created for a luncheon in April, the Joint Meeting of Doll clubs in Eugene Oregon. The theme for the event is Hats Off to Madame and will be a tribute to Madame Alexander dolls.

I created a mold from a Madame Alexander look alike doll head and made a mask for a cloth over clay head. Then I designed a body to fit the mask.

I chose ivory doe suede for the doll's body as I wanted a porcelain look for her.

Ginger's dress is from vinage cotton print fabric and vintage lace trim.

She has really been a fun and challenging project!


dingy said...

Great new look to your blog, I LOVE it. And bieng a Madame Alexander Doll collector, I have to say WOW, hats off to you, she is a beauty. I will pass this link on to my MA collector friends.
Hugs Sandy

Nita Butler said...


I think you hit the MA doll right on! She is reakky cute and well done. Love her face!
The blog looks wonderful!


Karen Mallory said...

Patti, your Madame Alexander doll is so cute! I collect MA dolls and she would go along nicely with them! Are you going to make a pattern?
hugs Karen

Carla said...

Very pretty little girl!!

Clothmatters said...

Patti- Ginger and your blog both look great!

Anonymous said...

Ginger is a real sweetie. Looking forward to seeing her in person(doll-son?) at the meeting.
Leilani L.

Fran said...

Ginger is a cutie.

bub said...

Nice job , shes lovely .


Anonymous said...

Hi Patti
Ginger is a very beautiful little girl!!

Maria del Valle

Shashi Nayagam said...

Ginger is gorgeous!

prashant said...

She is reakky cute and well done. Love her face!

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