Thursday, March 01, 2007

More Pincushions!

Last week I was working on making a lot of pincushions. I will be attending the Joint Meeting luncheon in Eugene Wednesday, March 3. All the doll clubs in the city get together for one big party! We will ahve a very small sales space, about 2'X4" so I thought I would bring small items and some patterns to sell. These are from Dollmakers Journey Lady Chatalaine pattern. The one in white was a gift for Susie Oroyan who has been very ill and just returned home from the hospital. The mermaid pincushions are my design. I will be going down to Eugene with Deanna Hogan, and taking her Averill class on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is the luncheon, going to be a fun week!


Heera said...

Your mermaid pincushion is beautiful Patti. Love her face, the colors you have used and her pose too.

We all pray for Susie Oroyan's speedy recovery. Good to hear that she is gone back home.

Have fun at Deanna's class. Are you making the mask too?


Shashi Nayagam said...

Love your pincushions. They are beautiful.